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The internet is wide open and unregulated, for the most part. There are tons of information flying around, and some countries are starting to take notice that information that once was kept secret is now being offered for millions to view at their disposal. The think tanks are working overtime and are trying to convince the public that the government should regulate it just like a public utility. Frustrated governments looking at the Wild West of the internet are pushing hard with President Obama relinquish US oversight of domain names that is intertwined with virtual networks. But where is exactly is going Today, we will investigate the governments attempt to use relinquishing domain oversight to take away the last free uncensored information that We the People have left. WIth the best free website builder at your disposal you will be able to keep up and continue pushing out the content you want and keep our rights to free speech alive.

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Domain Deregulation Problems
In April of 2014, the U.S. government in accordance with the national telecommunications and information administration said it was going to relinquish its grip on domain name regulation. Well, the problem with this is that it could mean the end of the open internet, and Restricted-Access-300x131instead the more sinister global agenda has taken root to be regulated to what types of information where to put on the web. Another problem, in theory, that experts say is that the internet could splinter off into isolated national intranets.
So now that the U.S. will no longer be regulating its authority over the domain names information will slow down in its sharing properties. If different countries decide the wall off their version of the internet, then information could be limited and may even restrict sights that are outside of the countries internet jurisdiction. An example of this is China has already implemented its own intranet that blocks thousands or blacklisted sites and has a developed their own version of internet police to censor what is being said and controls all information thats viewed.
Uncensored Media Frustrates Governments
The wonderful part of the internet is the ability to use the information acquired or uploaded for a means to justice and political change. The Internet has played a great role in how the operates in todays society. The world governments seem to be most frustrated that the internet is a deterrent to their own political agenda. Right now, the internet still has a lot of power, and us as citizens of these countries need to keep an eye on our government servants. They are supposed to serve our better interests, not their own. Other countries may want to protect their citizens from privacy violations that were revealed by Edward Snowden revealing the NSAs secrets about surveillance